Euro-American Startup Advantages

600 Million consumers

This corporate setup allows you to transact with customers all over north American continent as well as the 28 EU countries.

Lower Operating Costs

Managing just one corporate setup to access 2 continents is a cost effective setup in terms of corporate, accounting & maintenance costs.

300% Compliance

By registering for other states Sales tax and EU VAT, your company is compliant with Federal, State and local jurisdictions.

Not convinced yet ?

Discover 9 more advantages of having a Euro American Startup

PSP Compatible

Thanks to the EIN number and other Sales Tax and VAT registration certificates, your company is easily accepted by PSPs.

Investor Friendly

Having a single Delaware registered entity gives potential investors ease of mind in terms of equity & shares management.

Modular & Scalable

This setup allows you start with the minimum corporate brick but can easily grow when you need to access other large markets.

Amazon FBA Access *

Our setup provides the necessary assistance to open & activate an Amazon account including the FBA service. (* additional service)

Import Ready

You will obtain the federal and local capacity to import and clear your merchandise on your own and settle all import and sales tax duties.

For Services & Apps

The setup can be adapted for the sales of digital goods and or services and therefore open access to Apps platforms and marketplaces.

Quick turnaround

Our express option allows you to start signing contract within a week, and start taking payments within a month.

Minimum Taxation

You only pay corporate tax in the US/Delaware and settle respective sales or VAT taxes in the other jurisdictions.

Easy to Manage

Manage your international business from the comfort of your home thanks to online corporate and reporting tools.

Questions ? We love answering !

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Most frequent questions and answers

Absolutely! We are actually specialized in assisting non residents to access both the US and or the EU market.

Yes! We prepare all the required documentation and we assist you in applying for a business bank account with a fin-tech bank and potentially with a traditional US bank.

Of course! Payment processors allow you to charge your clients in their preferred currency, while settling your payments in the currency of your choice.

Indeed! Although your company is a US entity, when we register it with EU VAT authorities it will obtain a certain form of legal status in that EU country, which often is accepted by European payment solutions.

Yes, but the process of opening an Amazon FBA account differs between Amazon US and Amazon Europe. In certain cases you may need to obtain a utility bill under your company name and address (water, electricity, internet bill or bank statement). Our team has a great experience in assisting with Amazon account opening and validation.

Our registration pricing covers the fees of registration as well as the first year of registered agent services. After that, there are a couple of fees and expenses that you need to take into consideration.

The compulsory annual fees are:
> Delaware Franchise Tax (up to $400 depending on your setup)
> Registered agent fee & annual reporting in Delaware: $400

The optional recurring fees are:
> Sales Tax or VAT reporting fees
> Corporate income tax reporting fees
> Accounting & book keeping
> Mail forwarding services
We can introduce or advise you on the most cost-effective providers and solutions for your recurring fees and needs.

We do not provide legal advisory as to how to structure your equity and shareholder-ship arrangements, as this depends on multiple conditions as well as the demands from each investor. However, the most requested and cost effective configuration for equity purposes is the following:
> $100 par value

This structure, although more costly than the basic filing fees, offers the following advantages to the entrepreneurs:
> The maximum number of shares before incurring additional franchise taxes
> A declarative capital valuation of $1,5 Million

Recent demands seem to favor this filling structure and often allocate 60% of the total shares to the founders, while keeping 40% for future investors and or staff equity. Others prefer not to settle on a given share structure and attribution until an investor has been secured and asked about potential shares structure preferences.

In other words, we do implement the shares structure that is specified by the entrepreneur after the payment of the order has been confirmed.

Yes for sure. The state of California is the most demanded due to the great number of startups that needs to be physically active and selling to consumers in the Silicon Valley. But we can register your company for sales tax in any of the US states.

The Employer Identification Number (EIN) is a federal tax identification number delivered by the Internal Revenue Services (IRS). This is the reference used for the calculation and payment of any due corporate tax in the US. This number is required for any payment or financial institution account opening. Once you obtain an EIN number, whether your are liable for corporate tax in the US or not, you will still need to submit annual reports to the IRS.